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Anglim/Trimble represents California and Bay Area artists of historical and contemporary significance and maintains the legacies of Gallery Paule Anglim and Anglim Gilbert Gallery. With nearly 50 years of historically important exhibitions, the gallery encompasses the art of California Beat Artists, Bay Area Conceptualists, and other experimental movements in California and the San Francisco Bay Area. Anglim/Trimble is dedicated to representing the visions and works of its artists and sustaining long-term support of its artists in the larger art community.

Gallery Paule Anglim was founded in the early 1970s by its formidable founder, Paule Anglim. Her strong conviction to the work she presented and the artist behind it forged the gallery’s identity in the postwar era. She was one of the early supporters of the Beat Artists and defining figures of Bay Area Conceptual Art, including Joan Brown, Paul Kos, Bruce Conner, and David Ireland. When Anglim passed away in 2015, her longtime gallery manager and director Ed Gilbert took up the mantle under the gallery’s new name, Anglim Gilbert Gallery, and actively brought international attention to Bay Area contemporary art. Gilbert was also a pillar of the Bay Area art community as a board member of the Headlands Center for the Arts and board president of Southern Exposure. He passed away in 2020.

Anglim/Trimble’s director Shannon Trimble worked closely with both Paule Anglim and Ed Gilbert in and out of the gallery for two decades and was previously director at Braunstein/Quay for 12 years. He is committed to bringing Anglim/Trimble into the 21st century while continuing to provide innovative exhibitions, dedicated support to its artists and amplifying diverse artistic visions.


Shannon Trimble

Michael Thompson

Sarah Hwang


Kim Anno
John Beech
Leo Bersamina
Dean Byington
Jerome Caja
Enrique Chagoya
Ajit Chauhan
Travis Collinson
Veronica DeJesus
Ala Ebtekar
Ken Graves
Keith Hale
Pamela Helena Wilson
Mildred Howard
Colter Jacobsen
Paul Kos
Kara Maria
Tom Marioni
Grace Munakata
Tomas Nakada
J. John Priola
Rigo 23
John Roloff
Richard Shaw
Katherine Sherwood
Dean Smith
M. Louise Stanley
Frances Stark
Carlos Villa
Benji Whalen
Xiaoze Xie
Arngunnur Ýr
Collaboratorating with
offering works by
Robert Bechtle
Christopher Brown
Joan Brown
Terry Fox
Eva Lipman & Ken Graves
David Ireland
Seydou Keita
Manuel Neri


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Photo by Mariko Reed of the entire facade of 1275 Minnesota Street

1275 Minnesota Street, San Francisco, California 94107 [map]
+1 415.433.2710
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We are located at the Minnesota Street Project where we have two gallery spaces spanning two floors—one directly above the other.

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For more information about visiting the Minnesota Street Project, see their visit page.

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Representing San Francisco Bay Area conceptual artists and continuing the legacy of Gallery Paule Anglim.