Group Exhibition

In a grove

Anglim/Trimble is pleased to present In a grove, a gathering of artists utilizing abstraction to create rapturous states of vision marked by the qualities of the sensorial and perceptual. Curated by Dean Smith, the exhibition includes work by Thomas Akawie, Brad Brown, Mason Dowling, Donald Feasél, Renée Gertler, Robin McDonnell, and Nancy White.

Inspired by the titular poem of San Francisco visionary poet Philip Lamantia, In a grove expresses the elusive and terrifyingly ecstatic nature of our attempt to decipher the language of the godhead--whose unknowable aspects lie beyond actions or emanations.

The paintings and sculptures address the exploration of spaces that create a demarcation between the body and the outside/other, between the self and non-self, or something greater than the self, and sites that vacillate between the agrestic and the architectonic.

The artists ask us to consider wonderment and enigma as strategies for exploring what it means to reach outside the self and its environment into something far greater. They too ask what the possibilities of deciphering the talk of the gods may ultimately reveal.

Please join us for a reception on Saturday, January 13 from 4-7 pm in our first-floor gallery at Minnesota Street Project.

In a grove is open through February 24.

Works in the Exhibition

Renée Gertler Through when all your dreams are blue
Renée Gertler
Through when all your dreams are blue
Plaster, paper media, citrine, fluorite, quartz, paint
Photography by