Leo Bersamina

Just Eying It as I Go

Anglim/Trimble is pleased to present our latest exhibition "Just Eying It as I Go" by Leo Bersamina.

Deeply engaged in the nuanced sonata of life's visual cadences and fleeting instants, Leo Bersamina gravitates towards deciphering the intricate weave of human connections and the recurring motifs that define our existence, rendering us legible to the world around us. Drawn to the intricacies of the patterns we weave through our interactions with nature, with our encounters with others, and with the very essence of our being, Bersamina sees the world as a colorful mash up of life, landscapes, seascapes, and humanity. These are not visions of perfection, but his interpretations of its flawed truth. 

Bersamina’s creative endeavors are imbued with a synthesis of his diverse backgrounds and roles — as a person of mixed heritage, a parent, an ocean dweller, an outdoorsman and an educator. Each work crafted is an attempt to distill the essence of his perceptual landscape, often invoking specific visual cues from multifaceted experiences. These images may manifest overtly or linger subtly within layers of artistic expression. 

Bersamina’s practice delves into the fundamental essence of the medium: the interplay of marks, materials, hues, textures, compositions, and motion. Each stroke is a dialogue with its predecessor, and each layer enriches the narrative unfolding beneath the surface. Guided by a nebulous conception that crystallizes with each successive stroke, Bersamina navigates the creative process until it attains its ultimate imperfect form. 

In Just Eying It as I Go, Bersamina reflects upon the sanctuaries he habitually revisits — locales that have left an indelible imprint on the soul. These places, often rural and steeped in nostalgia, serve as crucibles of personal growth and self-discovery. Many were introduced to him by his parents, but he has forged his own profound connection to them, deepening his understanding through the act of painting. Some journeys are not physical but rather imagined, rooted in childhood fantasies sparked by classic landscape paintings. 

Raised in a bustling household teeming with sisters, Bersamina sought solace amidst the untamed wilderness surrounding our coastal enclave. Venturing into the rugged terrain, he found sanctuary from the clamor of a crazy household, relishing the solitude and space afforded by coastal mountains and seascapes. Often bringing a sketchbook, these breaks, undertaken with a spontaneous spirit, nurtured his artistic sensibilities, paving the path to his journey as an artist. 

During the creation of this series, the sudden departure of his mother cast a poignant shadow over Bersamina’s work. This shadow became lighter as he worked through memories and conversations shared with her. Her lasting presence and spirit permeate his work. In honoring her memory, Bersamina weaves strands of her passions — quilting, sewing, the landscape — into the fabric of art, sustaining the dialogue that transcends the boundaries of mortality. 

 “My mother, a purveyor of adventure and resourcefulness, instilled within me a reverence for nature and an unyielding spirit of exploration. To Jeanne, I dedicate this exhibition — a testament to her enduring legacy and the profound influence she continues to exert on my creative journey.”  — Leo Bersamina

Just Eying It as I Go is on view through Saturday, June 29.

Please join us for a reception on Saturday, May 4, from 4-6pm in our second-floor gallery at Minnesota Street Project. 

Leo Bersamina was born in San Francisco and received his MFA from Yale School of Art in Painting and Printmaking. Bersamina currently resides in Marin County. In addition to his art practice, he has been involved with Southern Exposure (San Francisco), SFMOMA Artists Gallery, and the Berkeley Art Center. His work can be found in the public and private collections of The Oakland Museum of California, Adobe Inc, and Google. Bersamina has taught studio art at UC Berkeley, Stanford, and Pont Aven School of Art through RISD. He currently teaches Studio Art as a tenured Professor at Duablo Valley College. Bersamina has been placed in collections by Artsource Consulting, Heather Marx Art Advisory, and other select art consultants nationally. He is represented by Anglim/Trimble.

Works in the Exhibition