Introducing Anglim/Trimble

Past, Present, and Future

I’m thrilled to announce the opening of our new gallery, Anglim/Trimble. Despite being new, Anglim/Trimble has deep, historical roots in San Francisco Bay Area art, having emerged from the legacies of Gallery Paule Anglim and Anglim Gilbert Gallery. And with that solid foundation, we have started building a bright, ambitious future.

We’ve assembled a dedicated team of supporters, including many of the gallery’s artists, who are collectively managing the transition, the opening, and the modernization effort moving forward. This is absolutely a group effort; we could not undertake this huge task otherwise. The shared enthusiasm for the new gallery and the ambitious vision for its future give us tremendous momentum for the rest of 2020 and beyond.

The vision for the gallery is simple. We intend to position artists and their work at the forefront of our attention and effort. We will maintain a vibrant exhibition schedule and grow educational outreach with broad, new initiatives and programs. We plan to expand and diversify our audience beyond the art world’s traditional boundaries by reaching out to the wider communities around us. We’ll do many of these things by forging new and dynamic partnerships with like-minded people and organizations. Further, the gallery will work hard to bring forward both technology and design. When combined thoughtfully, technology and design can help us be a better gallery—without losing the distinctly human, personal touch inherent to art and its practice.

Anglim/Trimble opens with three exhibitions of a distinctly political nature, reflecting society’s current anxieties leading up to the November election. The three shows, and the gallery itself, manifest the past, the present, and hope for the future.